Increase your business productivity with Dynamics NAV 2021

To achieve and/or maintain a stable relationship with each and every customer, every company must have a CRM, which is the expression used for methodologies or, to refer to a software that serves to increase sales in an effective way and, in addition, to organize the links. For this purpose, companies can already count on Dynamics NAV 2021 which is a tool that, once implemented with the management methods, becomes an indispensable element.What are the features of this new version Dynamics 2021 Since last October 27, Aitana, the well-known business services company, has the new version of Dynamics NAV, which is improved and will be available in our country through the aforementioned company. It will be possible, among many other features, to achieve an integration with Office 365 much better than what happened traditionally because, for example, it will be possible to interact directly with Outlook, which was frequently requested by users of this CRM, and was very demanded, in order to synchronize contacts and also to add appointments to the calendar, which is already a fact. In addition, you will be able to optimize the different processes of the company and obtain a much higher performance, thanks to the fact that with the new version to which we are referring, integration with PowerBI is already viable.

All these intelligent tools allow employees to make the most appropriate decisions. The importance of migrating to Dynamics NAV 2021 Aitana is a specialist in this type of migration. On the incoming documents, it will be easier to work with those that are archived in NAV 2021, thanks to the new filters that facilitate their search and also the possibility of extracting the details of these documents, which allows for new ERP functionalities. Such is the case with the creation of multi-line invoices, to mention just one example.

On the other hand, we have that the incoming documents already allow the correction of OCR errors, in a visual way, while, to avoid the repetition of errors in the future, we have the due automation and, as if it was not enough, migrating to the new version will mean a great simplicity when working with the inventory items. Searching for products will be faster and more agile, thanks to the addition of attributes to the items. Another reason of sufficient weight to migrate to NAV 2021, is that it will be possible to edit purchase and sales invoices, which have been archived, while the invoices will show the shipping agent code and also the tracking number. To better accommodate financial needs, account categories have been added for the respective plans.

Payment reconciliation has been improved with the new version. As if all these benefits were not enough to migrate, it is easy to implement and simple to use. Regarding, this time, Aitana, let's note that it is the company in charge of updating Dynamics NAV, while it is the leader in Spain, with a track record in improving business management and all types of business, for more than 30 years. It is also a company specialized in the implementation of this type of software.