Expected changes in the Brazilian online game

All recent events indicate that Brazil will soon have its online gambling and betting market reformed and regulated. Know more about this issue.The regulation of online gambling and betting markets in Brazil has been permanently in the center of national attention.Although the issue is not new, it has been in the media channels, mainly due to the lack of consensus on the creation of a regulated market in our country.The measures presented have been consistent with the promises of the current president,. This promise - which was part of the strategy to improve the country's economy and combat illegal markets - has been discussed by the entities responsible, evaluating all the pros and cons of following the Portuguese example regarding the regulation of the activity.Without any specific legislation, the digital market ends up not contributing in the possible and expected way to the resolution of Brazil's financial problems.The regulation, however, seems to be coming soon, and the proposal is already in the public opinion stage. Come and find out what the expected changes are and if Brazil can, in fact, follow Portugal's example and regulate its online games.

The online games in Portugal: what is the example given?

Also in Portugal, until 2021, there was no specific legislation for the gambling and digital sports betting market.

This reality led to the application of new rules, which implied the change of legal regimes and the creation of a new law, which was more comprehensive, including this market and creating, for it, particular rules. This change was time-consuming but aimed at evaluating the structures of the activity, the guarantee of taxation due by the operators and also the end of illegal gambling practices in the country. The entity currently responsible for regulation in Portugal is the Portuguese Tourism Games Regulation and Inspection Service (SRIJ), which ensures the application of the rules set out in its new Online Games Regime (RJO). In Portugal, only licensed operators can operate in the online market.

Is this model viable for Brazilians?

The regulation of games in Brazil dates back to the first half of the last century and is, as such, outdated.

The great changes in the world at the technological and digital level mean that this regulatory model does not apply to the new media and, as such, there is no specific regulation for games and digital betting.The lack of an adequate model makes it easy for the operators most used by Brazilians to be in a position of non-compliance with taxes and also to proliferate illegal gambling which, besides being in tax irregularity, is also representative of a greater danger for its players.A change to a regime like the Portuguese one may, therefore, improve the financial condition of Brazil, also improving the experience of online players.