How to take your brick and mortar store online

It is an undeniable fact that online shopping has overtaken shopping at physical; stores. This may be the reason most retailers opt to have an online presence besides their physical presence in a given locality. Although a business may be doing quite well selling to local customers, leveraging the power of the internet could and does take businesses to the global masses and helps increase profits. That said, a lot of business owners feel that taking their businesses online is a headache that is best avoided if they are doing well running their physical stores.

If you are a business owner who feels the contrary, then this guide for you. Below are a few steps to take to bring your local presence onto the global stage.Start with a websiteThe first step to taking a business online is building an e-commerce website. Because of the explosion of online shopping, there are so many options for people looking to establish an online presence. Perhaps the most popular of these is WordPress.

Used in tandem with the Woocommerce plugin, a business can get its products and services online in a matter of minutes.The only caveat is that there is always the danger of your website looking similar to another. It is, therefore, advisable that a business owner hires a qualified and competent person to build a website for them. This will ensure that they get not only a bespoke website tailored to their needs and business model but one that also has all the functionality required to leverage the power of their new website.Leverage social mediaThere are billions of people surfing the internet at any given time. If you do not reach out to these people, there is no way they will find your website and thus your business.

Combined, all social media platforms receive over 5 billion visitors a month. If even a small sliver of these people find your website or store, you will be doing very well. What is the best way to reach them? Run social media ads.All social media platforms have facilities that allow businesses to run ads on them. The main advantage of running social media ads is that they are targeted.

For example, you can set up different types of Facebook ads Shopify to target different people and visitors. Because these types of ads are highly targeted, the people who might end up visiting your website or store are the exact type of customer you want and need. Other social media platforms might not bring you the success that Facebook might, but they are still a good option to consider. Twitter and Reddit are good platforms to look at as is Pinterest.Finally, use the analytics provided by your website and social media accounts to tweak and refine your website and campaigns.

This is perhaps the most important step to taking your business online because if you do not tune your website and messaging to what your visitors want and need, you will be wasting money running non-performing ads.