The different categories of software

To function properly and efficiently, a computer system consists of two parts. The first part is hardware and consists of the computer and its peripherals. The second is immaterial and is represented by all the software. They are necessary for the execution of specific programs to perform well-defined tasks or functions.

There are different categories of software.

Proprietary and paid softwareThe

first category of software includes proprietary and paid software. They are software developed by specialized companies and sold to users. They can be acquired when a computer is purchased or added later. Publishers only grant a right of use, but do not transfer the right of ownership.

The Windows operating system is one of them. users may not keep it in case of transfer of the computer or resell it separately.An online casino also works with online software. The latter is specially designed for the needs of the platform. Thus, regardless of the user's level of computer skills, it is not possible to modify it or add new features to best meet the user's expectations.

An online casino offers a very diversified game library with slot machines, roulette, card games, etc.Freeware




thename suggests, freeware or freeware is accessible to users by downloading it from the Internet or on physical media in shops and newsstands. They can copy them and share them among themselves as many times as they want. However, they cannot modify the source code. In other words, this software does not evolve unless its authors make it evolve according to needs or trends.Despite the fact that freeware is free, these software programs are generally very powerful.

For good reason, they serve as a "business card" for their publishers who need to make themselves known to the general public as soon as possible. Moreover, most of the freeware is only temporary. This period is on average between 6 and 12 months. Once this period has expired, users must pay to continue using them or to benefit from advanced functionalities.

Free softwareOften

mistakenly confused with free software, free software works in a very different logic.

Indeed, the main objective of publishers is to guarantee the freedom of users to use software in the long term. They can get it freely on the Internet or from other users. They are also allowed to make copies and to circulate them. Unlike freeware, this free software is always free to use.Nevertheless, the main strength of this category of software is the openness of its source code.

Users can therefore legally modify it to make improvements. According to their desires, they are free to share or not these modifications with other users. Therefore, if the software is of interest to users, it is continuously improved in order to boost its performance. The GNU-Linux system is a perfect example of this.JackpotCity Online Casino.