What are the factors that influence a good rest

One of the factors that we must take into account most to maintain our health is to get proper rest. If we don't get adequate rest at night, we will drag these problems throughout the day, and we will never be able to be at our best physically. Therefore, it is very important to know some of the fundamental factors that influence a good rest. Obviously the composition of our room is very important to ensure a proper recovery every night.

The room should be quiet, oriented to the area with less noise in the house. The blinds should be closed completely, since a little light, even if it is minimal, will not get us to rest deeply. In addition, if we are fond of feng-shui, we must be careful to orient the headboard of the bed towards the east, since that guarantees, according to this millennial oriental tradition, an appropriate rest and an improvement of the health. We should go to bed preferably always at the same time.

Dinner should have ended at least an hour and a half earlier, and better if it was light. In addition, we must avoid reading too long, entertaining ourselves with the computer or doing physical exercise just before going to sleep, because that would alter our nerves and would make it difficult for us to reach sleep. Finally, the bed and the mattress are essential to ensure the rest. in these cases the option of a viscoelastic mattress is one of the most desirable.

A viscoelastic mattress has a series of characteristics of comfort and ergonomic design that will be perfect to reach a suitable rest. In fact, in the case that you feel really comfortable with your mattress the ideal would be that you renounce even the mattress cover, to be able to feel the experience of its comfort first hand on your skin. With all these recommendations you should not doubt that every morning you will recharge your batteries to perfection. Sweet dreams.